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Mullers Lane Farm - Eggnog Body Soap

Price: $5 (plus tax and shipping) for 4oz is an amazing price for this soap when its performance is taken into consideration. Even though this is a "fast use" soap I had no feelings of not getting my money's worth.

Quality: A great soap, perfect scent.

Latherability: Not a soap that creates gobs of lather, but it does produce a good volume.

Moisturizing: This soap left my skin with a pleasing, non-greasy balm sort of feel that lasted pretty much all day. The soap is made with 100% fresh milk and oh can that be felt! My skin felt very protected and the soap is very gentle.

Scent: Someone please go make this scent into a shaving cream, balm and EDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :001_wub: :001_tt1: This is a spicy, warm yet soft and caressing take on eggnog instead of the whimpy creamy light smell of eggnog that you can buy from a store. There is a focus on the spices in eggnog and not with letting the milkfat content of the bar have any play with the scent combination. If you like SCS New Spice EDT then you might like this scent but the two are not twins, more like distant cousins. You owe it to your nose to get a bar of this soap under warm to hot water!!!!!!!! The scent should appeal to not only a male or female nose, but noses of any age.

Efficacy: I do not care why it is pictured first on Mama Bear's page but that is where this soap deserves to be. This is great soap!

Packaging: Simple plastic wrap

If I did not have so many soaps and such to try out I would be getting another batch of this soap not only for my house but the houses of my friends as well! This soap should not be confined to any single season just because of the eggnog name, but should also provide an interesting treat in the warmer months as well.

SWMBO Warning: Due to the ingredients in this soap, a constant stream of brownish runoff will be present when the soap is in use and also stationary in a soap dish. This will lead to a temporary streaking of your tub or shower until the bar has a chance to dry after each use. Your partner may complain about the mess but honestly it's not a big deal. :rolleyes:


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