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Muhle acrylic, best (91 A 31)

I know most B&Bers are traditionalists, who love the old-school look of their Simpson/Rooney/Vulfix etc. brushes, not to mention vintage restores. But I love the sexy design Muhle demonstrates in their handles. The clear acrylic with the black is just cool, as is its shape.

The basics: it has a 21mm (though I measure it at 20mm) knot, 50mm loft, 10cm overall.

Density and backbone: I wouldn't call it a dense brush, but I don't have that many to compare it to. I do find the density/backbone sufficient to face lather with, but not with soap sticks. Definitely not for the purists seeking the perfect face-lathering brush.

Softness: It's not as soft as a EJ Super I have, and probably not as soft as a Simpson Best. I detect a slight scratchyness in comparison with either of those two brushes. Once it's chock-full of lather, though, it isn't a factor, and I consider it soft enough. (I've also tried an EJ Pure, and find it simply too rough on my face.)

Ergos: I'm pretty sure they designed the horizontal indentions for looks, but I think they are perfectly placed for bowl-lathering. The angles and overall shape of the handle feel great in the hand, especially since most other brushes are perfectly round.

Quality: Not impressive. It came shipped unceremoniously in a Muhle travel tube which, while useful, didn't ooze 'quality'. Neither does the silver ring around the knot. Additionally, my brush had a disappointing defect I did not detect immediately. It's small enough that it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the brush, but it does not speak well to Muhle's quality standards. I'd be willing to bet that their more expensive brushes are checked more closely--this one is toward their cheap end. I contacted Muhle about it, and did not get a reply. (See post here.)

On the other hand, I should mention that it hasn't lost a hair. While not strictly a quality issue, acrylic is rather light, and the brush does not feel as substantial in the hand as a solid resin brush does.

Price: Their website lists it at $59, but if you let your credit card handle the conversion rate it can be had for less. I got mine from shaving.ie on sale for around $40, and was quite happy with the price (though not the service).

Overall, I'm enjoying the brush, and it probably won't be the last Muhle I buy, problems notwithstanding. They're just so cool. :001_cool:

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Corners and indentions feel great in the hand.

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Asymmetrical...looks good, feels good, easy to hold.

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Good density.

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Black protrusion in the acrylic.
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