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Mountain Sky Olde Windsor Traditional Shaving Soap

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I wandered into my local "Planet Organic" Store. For those who don't know, its a small Organic grocery store chain up here in Canada. I had heard they had some shaving related items. (Thayer's Witch Hazel for 15 bucks, mind you)

Going over the shaving aisle, I found this little gem. Smelled nice, came in a large bar, looked okay and it was 4 bucks. I figured what the heck I'll try it out. I was going to post a more in depth review of the lather etc but I couldn't get that far.
Here's the break down.

Packaging said the following " Based on an early 1800’s English recipe for the ‘gentle’ man, our smooth-but-spicy shaving bar is for those desiring a natural shave. We add cocoa butter, castor oil, comfrey extract, flax seed, and spicy essential oils to create a special shaving experience.Use a bristle brush to enjoy a creamy shaving foam."

Price: Not a bad price, 4 dollars for a fairly large bar of soap.

Quality: Smelled great, a citrus smell with a spicy base note. Not a bad scent at all.

Lather: Should read: Lather? I got home and tried to whip up a batch of lather with my rooney best badger. Using my usual soap technique I attempted to lather in a bowl. The result was a mess of large bubbles and extremely unstable lather. I was going to take some pictures but by the time I found my camera, the lather had disappeared. Okay says I, let's try the shaving stick approach. I rubbed the soap across my hand for a bit and tried again with my rooney. Same result. lather was unstable and airy. The package says use a bristle brush for best results. So I pulled out my Omega Boar and tried again. same result. I gave up. (for the record, I used distilled water in this attempt so the hardness of my water is a moot point)

Efficacy and Moisturizing. Okay I admit, after the pathetic attempt to build lather I didn't even bother shaving with this stuff as I could only imagine it would be painful and irritating. I resigned this stuff to a hand soap by the sink where it gets a couple points for moisturizing because it didn't dry out my hands after all the experimenting I did.

in summary, I would avoid this product as a shave soap, I wonder if they even bothered to test this stuff.

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Agreed. Absolute garbage.
Why didn't I read the reviews before I bought this soap at Planet Organic? This soap soaked.
I picked up a few of these direct from the maker in British Columbia.

I agree that the lather was unstable and weak.
I found it to be quite drying on my face.

It became a shower bar after the second attempt.

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