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Montale Patchouli Leaves

Price: $95 for a 50ml bottle at Lucky Scent. Montale's non-aoud scents are considerably less than the aouds.

Quality: It's Montale. It's made for Arabian Princes and Middle Eastern money-types. Yeah, its high quality.

Packaging: Super cool. Sleek aluminum bottles with good atomizers. Complete with Montale's signature atomizer clip. Packaged in a velvet bag.

Scent: http://www.basenotes.net/ID26124917.html

A deep, dark fairly earthy patchouli with a strong base of amber. While some complain about the amount of amber, the amber itself merely broadens and deepens the patchouli. It, IMO, does not make the patchouli any less earthy. Unlike patchoulis from L'Artisan, Perfumerie Generale, etc. which are blends with patchouli as a central point, the Montale is still a strong, true patchouli, closer to SMN and Annunziata (but not as funky). Its closest competitors are, again IMO, the Michallef Patchouli and the Bois 1920.

Complexity: Not particularly complex. Fairly linear.

Longevity: Is pretty good. I burn through things very fast so I do not get really hung up on longevity unless it is really, really short-lived. Lasts longer than SMN, less than Annunziata. I layer it over some Le Labo patchouli (which has the tenacity of a bulldog off its OCD meds) to increase the longevity.
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