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[Moisturizing Cream Shave (Lavender)]

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Avalon Organics - Cream Shave Moisturizing Lavender - 8 oz. (227 g)

Avalon Organics Lavender Moisturizing Cream Shave spreads easily over skin, provides razor lift and glide, rinses clean and soothes sensitive skin for a perfect shave. Lavender Essential Oil and the rich oat nutrition of Beta-Glucan nourish skin while helping speed repair of nicks and skin irritation.

Signature ingredient: Plant oils and aloe vera nourish, moisturize and provide glide for a smooth, close shave as beta glucan helps speed the repair of nicks and irritation.

Product description: This moisturizing cream shave formula spreads easily into a fine lather, provides lift and glide, rinses clean and soothes sensitive skin for a perfect shave.

Features and benefits: Formulated with our special certified organic botanical blend, certified organic lavender oil, certified organic plant oils and enriching beta glucan.

Who should use this product? Benefits all skin types.

With certified organic plant oils and aloe, these delectable cream shaves moisturize the skin and provide perfect razor glide for an elegantly smooth, close shave. Enriched with beta glucan, this wonderful cream helps speed the repair of wounds and irritation and promotes cellular turnover for fresher skin. And they're formulated with Consciousness in Cosmetics, so you can be assured no harsh preservatives, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances will be absorbed through your skin.

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Pros: Very slick and moisturizing
Cons: Goes on clear; difficult to see where you've already shaved
This brush-less shave cream goes on clear and coats the beard in luxurious moisture. It has a pleasant lavender smell. It left my face really smooth and with a close shave.
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Moisturizing Properties
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