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Missouri Meerschaum

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The Missouri Meerschaum Original Corn Cob Pipe is the ultimate all around pipe. It is the choice of the working man, outdoorsman, and avid adventurer. It is a pipe that smokes incredibly well and you don't have to worry about ruining the flavor of your pipe. For me I use this pipe anytime I am about to try an blend of tobacco for the first time. If it turns out to taste like gym socks I don't have to worry about ruining my good briars. It is a great way to get into pipe smoking since it is extremely affordable. This pipe is a great all around pipe and if you leave it on the bank after reeling in the mother of all fish, it doesn't matter because for five dollars more you can have another one!

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Pros: Solid and Functional, Inexpensive
I am not an avid pipe smoker but I consider this a great knock around pipe for the beginner and I would venture to say the aficionados probably use one from time to time. My only pipe. I usually smoke my cigar nubs in this pipe and do not have a great deal of experience with pipe tobaccos. Keep that in mind when considering my review.
Pros: Awesome cheap pipe
Cons: None
Great all around pipe!
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