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Mini Review: Mama's Energy & Smokin'

Rather than basically duplicate my Dragon's Blood post, I'll just add on a mini review here. Yesterday and today I tried Mama Bear's "Energy" and "Smokin'" and again will note they are wonderful scents which linger a bit post-shave. Of the three I've tried, I like energy the least only becuase I experienced some skin irritation after I applied it and before shaving (a not-subtle burning sensation on my neck). My skin can be sensitive, so YMMV. This scent is probably best for spring/summer use.

Smokin' is another wonderful scent like a suede jacket and it goes wonderfully with Donna Karan "Fuel" cologne for those of you who still have that around. The scent is casual but "sexy." Great for winter or fall.

As I noted before, I'm more of a shave *cream* type guy and so am used to more lather and a bit more cushion from my lather, but Mama's soaps will find themselves in my rotation.

-- Rich
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