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Merkur super double edge razor blade

Merkur super double edge razor blade

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Merkur super double edge razor blade

Yesterday i have shaved for the first time with a Dovo shavette. I had a few small cuts in the neck, chin and below the nose.
I think that is lack of experience. The Merkur super double edge razor came with the Dovo shavette. Merkur and Dovo is the same German based company and as you know, German companies have always had a high standard of quality.
The Merkur razor can also be used in most safety razor models.

It felt weird the first time to put the razor on my face and it was a little hard to find and keep the right angle.
I believe that the Merkur super razor blades are like the name says, super sharp and also forgiving!
I didn't had the feeling that it cuts very easy into my face.

I will have to determine the amount of shaves that i'm able to get out of this blade and put this on the forum but it's different for every person.
Overall i must say that i'm very pleased with the blade. The shave was very smooth. Although i read on the forum that some people feels that the blade is dull. I had no problems with it.

The only legitimate downside to these blades is the price. A pack of 10 blades cost a little more than $9,50, equating to about a $1/blade. This is far more expensive in comparison to other high-quality blades, but if you can shave more with the same blade then its still an acceptable price.

This is definitely a quality blade that I would recommend to beginners as the degree of sharpness provides a little bit of wiggle room for error.

I will update this review as soon as i have more experience with the blade. Feel free to contribute to it and share comments.

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