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Mentha Exfoliating Body Soap

Pros: Great smell. Lasts over a month. Washes off easily.
Cons: none that I can think of.
I am surprised that there isn't a review of this stuff because of all the positive comments the C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream receives. (Even though that stuff is Proraso)

The smell of peppermint is quite strong when you use it in the shower. It is an exfoliating soap and according to the ingredient list this is achieved by using crushed walnut shells. Between that and the peppermint oil I feel refreshed and extremely clean. It washes off easily and does not leave my skin feeling slick or oily, which in my opinion many of the body washes and soaps do these days. I have to add that the peppermint smell is a great way to wake up in the morning!

The cost is $7.50 at a Bath & Body store and they usually have a buy two get one free deal, which applies to any C.O. Bigelow product. My first purchase was a bar of soap, the large 10 oz. tube of shaving cream, and I got the smaller 5 oz. tube of shaving cream for free! Finally, it is a large 7 oz. bar that lasts over a month. I am completely sold on this stuff. I highly recommend it.
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