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Mens Rituals Softening Shaving Cream with Rhubarb

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Hello Gents,

strangely, there has been no review on the I Coloniali Softening Shaving Cream with Rhubarb (extract) yet so I want to change that as this product is one of the best out there, seriously!

As with the I Coloniali shaving soap, this one smells very unique. As with the soap, this cream produces one of the most dense, slick and cushioning lathers I have every experienced (and I possess Castle Forbes, Tabac, Trumper and Tabula Rasa products...).
Lather up this soft shaving cream is very easy to do and while adding water to get the cream as it has to be, the lather itself does not dry down on the skin neither in the brush nor on your face. The razor blade is nearly non-perceptible, cuts your whiskers effortlessly. Amazing, really. I Coloniali shaving products (range: Mens Rituals) are one of the best available out there.

The after-shave feeling is also above average. The shaving cream hydrates at least my skin to an extent that no after-shave product is needed. Usually I have to.

Price, here in Germany for 100ml: 11€

INCI: aqua, glycerin, palmaitic acid, stearic acid, cocos nucifera oil, potassium hydroxide, myristic acid, elaeis guineensis oil, parfum, peg-40 sorbitan lanolate, sodium silicate, sodium hydroxide, boric acid, menthol, benzyl salicylate, propylene glycol, rheum palmatum root extract


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Pros: Easy to Lather. Remarkable Cushion and Glide. Not inexpensive but worth the price. Up there with the big boys in quality.
Cons: Having trouble getting my "nose" around the scent. Forest Floor with a hint of Menthol.
This is a tough review for me. I would say the the I Coloniali may be the best cream that I have ever used with TOBS Unscented and T&H Ultimate Comfort dropped from the top spots. The glide is remarkable. The razor (ATT H1) slides easily over that pest of a spot around my Adam's Apple that would normally weep without any apparent contact.
This cream is exceptional except......

that the scent is, well, different; and to my nose not different in a good way. It is earthy and natural in a way that a forest floor is natural. I wouldn't say it is a bad scent but I cannot say that I like it. Oh, and the scent lingers long after the shave is done.

I understand well that scents are very personal. You may find the scent of I Coloniali a revelation. Let me simply say that if I Coloniali had a classic lavender scent, I would throw away all of my other creams and stock my shelves with enough I Coloniali to last for a long time. The cream is really that good. The scent, in my humble opinion, needs some work.
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