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MEEHAN - Bonny Doon Farm - Bay Rhum Cologne

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I bought this cologne recently and I will say it met my expectations. It smells great and I think it would be appropriate for all but the most formal situations. This is my first bay rum and I gravitated towards it for a few reasons.

First, it is all natural, no synthetic ingredients here. Not that I'm 100% anti-synthetic when it comes to fragrance ingredients, but for bay rum, it doesn't really make any sense to add synthetic ingredients. Second, it contains no clove or spices. Now, that may be a negative for some people but I really wanted a simple, "authentic" bay rum without any other scents overwhelming the basic concept of bay rum. This definitely achieves that. The ingredients are just rum, two different types of bay oil, and Bulgarian rosewater. Third, the price is right at about $30 shipped.

To apply this cologne, I used a pipette to put it into a small glass atomizer. I think this works a little better than the splash top for me, but some of you may prefer to just use the splash top. The bottle is fairly heavy glass and it has a nice chrome toned cap. No box, just comes with a little tag explaining the story of bay rum.

Once applied, the first thing you smell is the rum, obviously. After that evaporates, you get down to the bay oil scent which is very subtle but very nice. This cologne doesn't last very long but I think that is the case will all or most bay rums. I could still smell it after a few hours if I sniffed my wrist. The bay component anyway. I did get some on my shirt and sweater because I didn't wait for it to dry after spraying it on my chest before getting dressed. This made the scent last longer and at the end of the day when I removed my sweater I could still smell the rum aspect on it. If you are concerned about smelling like rum to those standing close to you (to be fair, they would probably have to be quite close), you probably want to wait for the cologne to dry before putting on your shirt. I will say the rosewater is barely perceptible if at all to me, but it must be doing something, I think.

Overall, I really like this cologne and will think about trying Bonny Doon Farm's other Bay Rhum scented products.

You can buy the cologne direct from Bonny Doon here at their website, or you can order it from a few other retailers on the web.


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I love this stuff. It's subtle (which I like), and thus kind of hard to over-apply. I find it lasts all day on me but it does stay very close to the skin. And like the OP, I love the fact that this is a naturally-based fragrance.

This is a straight bay rum frag. As such, it doesn't change over time so "complexity" doesn't really apply.

This also happens to be one of the few scents I own that my wife sort of likes. :wink:
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