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Master Shave Stick

Pros: Shave Stick, price
Cons: Lather is okay,
This product is not the best but I can't say it's the worse. It's average compared to what I tried before.

The scent is practically non existent. I see that the ingredients list Citronellol. I think that Arko has the same ingredient. Anyways, I do not smell any citrus out of that one.

I had to wrap the stick with foil to use it as it did not have any wrapper when I received it.

The performance is okay. The lather is workable, provides an okay-good shave but nothing more. Arko is superior to this product. I would not recommend this product strickly on the performance. I mean, it works but there are so many other products that work a lot better in the same price range.
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