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Mandarin & Patchouli Shave Cream

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All natural luxurious shave cream blending the exquisite top-notes of Mandarin & Patchouli and key essential oils. Each shave is silky smooth, cushioned protected and completely irritation-free. If you like rich, creamy and big lather, you'll love our shave creams. A little goes a very long way.

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Pros: Extremely nourishing to the skin
Cons: Absolutely none
This review is in regards to the relaunch of the St. James of London brand - June 2014

This shave cream is really out of this world, nothing comes close to it. Upon opening the jar, the texture reminds me of Penhaligons Blenhiem Bouquet and so does the packaging with the heavy set glass jar - adds a tangible touch of class. The addition of three oils really sets this apart from any British cream including, Penhaligons. The scent is modern and subtle, not over reaching, just how I like it. A true modern classic shave experience that leaves your skin silky smooth.

I imagine the same philosophy would apply to all their different fragrances, and the price point is unmatched by anyone else; I could easily pay twice to three times the cost and still consider it a bargain.
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