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Lord Randal Horse Hair

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This is a wonderful horse hair brush that is a special edition by Vie-Long. The bristles have enough backbone to break down stubborn soaps yet soft enough to feel luxurious. The handle is a faux horn with green and black tones. Fit for a Lord.

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Pros: Effective, nice design, good looking handle, quality horse hair, great backbone, smooth lather
This is a special edition brush by Vie-Long. The handle is a faux horn with a green and black color scheme. It looks awesome. The options of hair are mixed badger and horse or pure horse with white or brown bristles. I chose the brown because it contrasts well with the green handle. The performance of this brush stands right there with many of my badger brushes. It performs like a mini chubby when it comes to tackling soap pucks. The brush has an excellent back bone. Its not as firm as a boar hair brush but I could tell it wasnt a badger brush. A very nice change to my rotation for the days I want a quality scrub thats not too harsh. This creates lather better than most of my brushes. I would compare it to my Thater two band silvertip. Standard knot size but it stands tall in length which provides softness to the brush once it breaks in. I have no negative feedback on this item. Highly recommended. Truly fit for a Lord.
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