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L'Occitane Savon Surgras Cold Cream Soap 150g 5.2 oz.

I use the L'Occitane Verbena. Its a great bath soap but it doesnt produce the kind of lather necessary for shaving.
The lather dissolves because it is a bath soap, not a shaving soap. The two really aren't interchangeable. Different type of product.
As a relative newbie, sofar tried VDH Deluxe, Em's Glycerin round and Col. Conk Almond.

Based on great reviews decided to try a French soap. Discovered a nearby L'Occitane store. Spoke to the staff. Suggested a triple milled cold cream soap for $10. Great value to sample.

The following verbiage is listed on the packaging, "With its soft vegetal origin cleansing base, this soap is perfect for the daily washing of face and body. Enriched with Cold Cream and Shea Butter, it compensates the drying effects of hard water and respects the skin's hydrolipidic film. The face is left soft and fresh."

Key Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kenelate, Aqua/Water, Shea Butter (20% according to staff), Mineral Oil, Glycerin, etc.

After super lathering for 4 plus months decided to just lather with the soap. Lathers quickly and easily. Blade glides across the face like silk. No feeling of the blade.

However the lather seemed to dissolve on my face which required continual reapplying. Probably needs more water. While the lather may not be as thick compared to super lathering the lather appears to provide a closer more comfortable shave.

Scent is mellow and clean. Moisturizing is great. Unsure how this soap compares to the Institute Karite and Provence Sante (Plan to try in the future). For $10 its worth a try.
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