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Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish

but a great shine....in n. calif. it runs $8 ,but I have been using it for half a century....most shoes today will not take an old fashioned spit shine,the rapid acceleration of the final buffing "rag" will burn right through the thin tanned leather of todays shoes..in the 1960's you could heat up the biscuit toe of a real pair of stacey adams shoes with that shine rag,the leather could take it,and you could comb your hair in the toe caps shine...
I entered this in "consumables" because, technically, it can be used up. Don't look forward to that any time in your lifetime, though.

Price - 3oz for right around $5. You may need to do a bit of digging at your local cobbler or, a foreign concept to most of you (/sarcasm), order it online. At that price point, it's no more expensive than mass-market Kiwi.

Quality - Recommended to me by some older Army buddies of mine, this polish wax was standard military issue back when they wore real boots :lol: I'm just joshin', newer vets; don't take me seriously.

That aside, after having used most of the other waxes and polishes on the market, I can honestly say that no other comes to producing the protection and shine quality of Lincoln. Looking to prolong the life of your shoes and boots? Lincoln does it. Looking for that classic military spit-shine? It does that a hell of a lot better than Kiwi.

Value - Less product; more results. 10.

Packaging - It comes in a can. Can has top. Can holds polish.

I don't know, but I've been told
Lincoln Polish is mighty old

Wax on yer boots and make 'em shine
Quality, protection; don't spare a dime.

Shines good.

Protects good.

REAL good!

Good for you.

Good for me.
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