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From the same company that brings you WARS (the shaving cream) - another brand and a completely different fragrance. Price-wise, it's cheap (PLN4.60 (click for USD equiv) a tube on eBay + shipping), and it lathers just as well as many expensive brands, the only negative for me is the fragrance - it's hard to describe, sort of musky, but it smells it's price and the smell seems to last through. It doesn't come in a box, so the tube will invariably land in a slightly battered state - then again what do you expect at this price point?

I've marked the scent low - it has one but it's not one that I particularly like.

A big plus for me and potentially others is that it's less than the 3 fl oz / 100 ml airline restriction at 65 grams - so it's carry on material.
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