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Lavera Men Care

This was my first cream ever :001_smile so here goes:

Price: the cream is quite pricy: about €4,5 for 75ml

Quality: the package is OK, though the tube doesn't seal completely and leeks a bit internally. The cream itself seams pretty normal.

Scent: not my favorite; it has a dry citrus/herbs smell. Some might like it, but I don't.

Latherability: rather controversial: I could easily make a good lather out of it (considering I'm quite new to wetshaving), although it required more cream then "an almond" or less water then expected. More water just made it runny. The amount of lather isn't overwhelming either.

Efficacy: it doesn't lubricate that well (no real difference in comparisson to my canned shaving cream I used to apply), it dries on the face rapidly (!!!) and turns powderlike after a while (forms what I can only describe as small flakes on the face). However, it does the job and give me a very soft skin afterwards.

Moisturizing: this cream was designed, according to the manufacturer, to help people with a sensitive skin. It surely gives a soft skin and a BBS feeling. My face doesn't feel dried out at all, however the lack of lubrication sometimes gives me irritation.

conclusion: if it weren't for the serious lack of lubrication, I'd recommend this cream. (might also be my technique :redface: )
It gives you a very soft skin afterwards, but the shave itself is not that comfortable.

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