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Laphroaig Quater Cask

Laphroaig 10 yr. is my go-to Scotch, and I'd been wanting to try the Quarter Cask for some time now. It is fantastic. It has the familiar smoky/peaty/briny flavor profile so loved by fans of Islay malts, but the secondary maturation in smaller oak casks lends a bit more intensity to the affair, particularly in the nose and the finish. The finish here is much, much longer than the 10 yr., and I like it. I find the 10 yr. Cask Strength to be a bit overwhelming, so this is nice when I want Laphroaig with a kick.

My only gripe is that the whisky is not a huge improvement over the regular 10 yr. Don't get me wrong, it was certainly a nice purchase, but I'm not sure it warrants the extra $20. Still, fantastic stuff and most certainly worth a try.
Hands down my top Scotch, very smooth and exciting. Feels like I'm drinking Earth, nice peatyness without the acid/burn taste. Goes down beautifully all the way to my belly button. This has a burnt earth/coal/peat/scottish ocean taste at the start that leads to a nice warm long finish with a hint of peat to round things off. Funnily enough it makes me feel part of the earth when I drink it. Don't be put off by my tasting notes, you gotta try it to understand it. A lovely drink for a cold and rainy night next to the fire place. You can keep your overpriced cognacs and I'll keep this.

A lot of the other Scotch's stay in my stomach but this one goes down great. A very relaxing drink and better than the Laph 10yo and 10yo cask strength. Also better than Lag16, hp12 and talisker 10 to name a few.

I've had plenty drinks and this along with Bushmills 16yo are my top picks so far.

Try it and enjoy, you won't regret it. . Tastes like a 30yo whiskey, a very classy drink.
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