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First off I'd like to mention I did not buy this product on purpose, it was given to me for Christmas packaged with their post shave gel, face wash, and razor burn relief cream. The latter three are ok.


I had previously tried to get this cream to lather and when I couldn't I didn't even bother putting it on my face, but this morning I decided to give it a shot anyway. I used more cream, more water, less water, less cream...this stuff just makes milky water. I tried to put it on my face like that and went to shave and the razor actually like skipped across the skin like a stone across a lake. The worst part is this crap numbed my face, lips, and tongue. Anyway, I grabbed the can from under the sink and put it on top of this crap and tried to shave. My face burns, and I have 2 cuts on my neck for the first time in years. Oh, did I mention it smells like an old chemical barrel?

The worst shaving product possibly ever made.

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Pros: I like the benzocaine!
Cons: Not for a highly lathered shave
I bought a tub of this cream just to try it out, on a quest to find quality product. I must say I enjoyed the benzocaine effect. I have a thick, tough beard, and I found the tingly afterglow was a welcome effect of this cream. I recommend you try it for yourself before dismissing it.
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My eld girlfriend gave me a tube of this about 2 years ago that I never opened. It was so cold and dry in NYC this morning, plus I was running late for work so I decided to give a brushless shave a try. I was a little freaked out by the numbing effect of the benzocaine (the label on the tube made no mention of this and it was unexpected), but I did my normal prep in the shower and smeared a bit on my face and got a pretty decent shave with this stuff using a slant and a merkur blade. My skin felt pretty smooth and moisterized when I was done and I only had one tiny weeper on my neck which I attrubute more to my sloppy style than to the shaving cream. I think I will continue to use this stuff when I am in a hurry and do not have time to lather up.
This stuff's like the original poster said; as reluctant to lather as a cat is to go swimming. Maybe they meant it like that? I don't know why they would, but avoid it. Expensive per shave. Some of their other products like the afterbalm Razor Ultra whatever and the foaming wash are pretty good, though.

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