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La Toja Shave Stick W/ TALLOW

I was very fortunate to track a stick down from a friend in Spain for free:w00t:.

I've never used a La Toja stick, just never intrigued me. After finding out about the stick with tallow there was no way I was turning tallow anything away.

Quality: Great tube that it comes in and nicely wrapped halfway in foil(?). The tube is great and better than any stick I've come across. The tallow version is a yellow color that is much different than the new formulation which is bright white.

Scent: It pretty much matches Valobra in scent which means it doesn't have much outside of a soapy scent which I like but doesn't do much for the senses.

Lather: Amazing lather, mounds of it and lathers the same if not slightly better than Valobra stick.

Efficacy: exceeds desired results. Brush has enough lather to last my 3 passes with no issues. Great comfort during the shave with a good protection and slickness.

Moisturizing: It doesn't carry the goodies of shea or lanolin but it is magnificent in this category. The only reason there's no 10 score is because a tallow/lanolin combo is the epitome of moisturizing.

If you can find the soap, snag it quick because I'll be nabbing sticks as I run across them:laugh:. Now having both La Toja sticks with and without tallow I can give a fair comparison with both, tallow is far superior in it's own way but it is superior.
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