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Kolnisch Juchten

Reputedly (depending on your source) created by Johann Maria Farina before he first brewed 4711, Kolnisch Juchten is smoke and leather for the gourmand crowd. It's opening assault is as powerful as Knize Ten's though where it's Austrian cousin reflects the sophistication of a continental gentleman's club, Kolnisch Juchten is reminiscent of a Cossack on the open steppe. It's opening notes are meaty and substantial, black leather that has spent too long around too many campfires cooking fatty meats. You can almost hear the sizzle and taste the salt. As it evolves during the drydown, the barbaric and unctous aspects fade into the background leaving a smooth, smokey leather scent rounded out by vanilla, patchouli, tobacco and spice. Make no mistake, the barbarian is alive and well in this leather booted, whip carrying aristocrat. He lurks just beneath the surface, daring you to come closer.

Price - Inexpensive if you can find it.

Quality - I gave this one an eight because, while it is a wonderful, obscure EdT, the packaging is average at best.

Packaging - Black bottle with gold cap and lettering. Not much good or bad to write home about.

Scent - Leather and smoke heaven. If you like leather EdTs, this one is a must try.

Complexity - Fairly linear evolution, no real surprises. You will know from the outset whether or not this one is for you.

Staying Power - A few spritzes last all day and well into the night.

Quality of Atomizer - **** poor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it leaks like a sieve.
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Staying Power
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