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Kitayama 8K water stone

I bought this 12000 grit stone as a finishing stone and you say its a 8K stone. Do you mean it a 8K stone that cuts and polish like a 12K stone? I am confused on the rating, and I am just confuse? I already have a high quality 8K Japanese water stone that did not give the edge that I was looking for and that why I bought the Kitayama 12k water stone. I also have a 4K and 6K Norton. I am a beginner, but I also bought the Lynn DVD, I follow it, and I got the job done buy using a TI 10K Paste to finish. I haven't use the Kitayama yet, but will need it soon. Am I wasting my time going from a 8K Japanese water stone to a Kitayama 12k (you say misprint 8K) Japanese water stone for the final finish?

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This is one nice big slab of sharpening stone- 8x3x1 on a wooden base. Why wood? It may look traditional, but plastic is a better choice for something that gets soaked in water (this stone only needs to soak a minute or two).

The Kitayama (North mountain) is sometimes advertised at 12K, but it's an 8K. It's one of the best polish stones available, and puts on a beautiful shine. As nice as the Naniwa 10K? It's a toss up for me.

One of the things I enjoy most about this stone is the feedback- it's not as hard as the equivalent Shaptons, and gives a good feel for the process. Simple to lap, too, and comes with its own imitation nagura stone.

It ain't cheap, at $70-90, but it's a good value and less expensive than some of its direct competition. All in all, it will provide many years of service, and knives that sparkle like the Nile.
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