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Kiss My Face Vanilla Earth

You can spend 3 or 4 times more for shaving cream, but you won't get more quality. This stuff is great.

Price: Paid about 8 bucks for 11oz. Also, it is locally available so I don't have to pay for shipping. That's a perfect score for me. If you live in the mid west try Meijer, they won't have it next to the canned goo so make sure you look around.

Quality: See above and below. I don't want to be redundant.

Scent: Well, the vanilla wasn't my favorite but it was not bad. A bit too strong and sweet for me but it doesn't linger. Luckily, they make an unscented version.

Latherability: Outstanding! very THICK, works great with a brush.

Efficacy: Moisturizes, provides good cushion, soothes, and makes the razor glide, what more can I ask for? Cremo Cream is a little better at moisturizing, but this is a much better shaving cream all around.

Moisturizing properties: better than most. Cremo Cream wins by a long shot but this is good.

Packaging: 10/10. does what it should.

Outstanding cream, my new favorite.
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