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kanøn (kanon) aftershave

This product was a Norwegian import in the 60's/70's that has been re-launched by a Florida-based company (LINK). I am not sure what retailers carry this but it is very prevalent on Ebay. I picked up a 3.3 oz. bottle for around $25 with free shipping.

I bought this because I am an alcohol-based splash junkie and I like to explore current as well as vintage offerings. Since this has been re-launched it is a bit of both!

The ingredient list on the current offering is very different from what I've seen listed on older vintage bottles that also sell on Ebay. Older bottles list "essential oils" and I'm suspicious the new product is fragrance oil based so there is likely a difference in scent for those with a refined sense of smell.

Notes from my usage:

* The bottle is nice and classy. It is heavy glass with a masculine wood top (with plastic threaded insert) that screws down firmly to keep the product from leaking.

* This definitely gives an alcohol burn. A bit worse than other alcohol based splashes I use. Burn baby burn.

* The splash contains propylene glycol for moisturizing, which is a common ingredient for a lot of splashes on the market today. It's not the most moisturizing splash I've used but it isn't strictly scent and alcohol either. Fine in the summer as a standalone but you'll need to follow with a balm in the winter to really take care of your skin.

* The scent is woodsy but it is also is fairly light and refreshing with a bit of a citrus element. IMHO - It is a very "safe" scent to wear. It doesn't smell like the current shopping mall offerings and I like that about it. But it isn't over the top weird or strong either, again this is a pretty safe scent to wear. In addition to woodsy and citrusy it is also very powdery. The scent lingers on me most of the day. Sometimes I like my aftershaves to fade quickly and sometimes I prefer they linger and only use the splash and no Cologne. Kanon falls into the latter category. It took a few uses for the scent to grow on me and I like it more now that I've used it a few times.

* The scent reminds me a bit of Woods of Windsor.

Overall: If you like exploring splashes and especially vintage scents this is worth checking out. It's not the greatest performing splash but the scent is nice and it lingers. I feel at $25 it is a tad overpriced for what you are getting in terms of performance and uniqueness/quality of scent. If I could find it cheaper than $25 I would be a happy man. I am glad I tried this and will likely purchase more when this runs out. I am also intrigued enough to try to find an older version of this stuff to compare the difference.

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