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k.hall designs milled shea soap

Price- I found it at a local merchant for USD$9.95. Online, you can buy it direct for around USD$12.00, which I think would still be a fair price.

Quality- This is a very nice soap. You can read about the quality variables in the sections below, but outside of those the soap is heavy for its size with even consistency, giving uniform results.

Latherability- Fantastic. I use a bath sponge, and a few strokes across this bar and I'm ready to go. Those few strokes are more than enough to last my entire shower (I'm about 6" and 170, so YMMV).

Moisturizing- Very good for a soap. After using this bar, my skin feels soft and hydrated.

Scent- I rated this a 9 because I like the scent. If you want to smell like you just got squeezed out of a cow, there might be stronger 'milk' smells you could find, but this soap has a mild smell which I enjoy.

Efficacy- Latherability + ability to clean + durability. This soap excels in each.

Packaging- It is wrapped up tight with an easy to read label on the front. Hard to go wrong with that.
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