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I'm 38 with 2 kids a wife and a German pinscher. and before 3 months ago I didn't give 2 seconds thoughts to shaving.

I love to immerse my self in reviews and thoughts and have spend many hours reading and watching before I say hi. I did the sane when I bought urban art but sold it all to fund my house build years ago.

I used to shave 2/3 times a week with a can and 10 razors for 70p for lidl. I used the razors till I was bored and I used baby oil as after shave. Now I shave when I can and I'm always looking for a challenge.

Now I have s habit. I wanted to look after my skin and also I wanted to enjoy shaving.
I liked nick shaves on YouTube who may not be the best but I found him entertaining and engaging.

I bought a 34c (wish I had brought Jagger), TOBS sandal wood (eshave almond waiting) and a boar brush oh and a razor pack.
I must confess after a shave my wife's coco stretch mark creme works a treat and stops any weepers but I also have a decent balm also.
I played with razors in 34c and noticed no significant change but I enjoyed the whole shaving as a whole.

To keep me interested I want 1 of each type of razor normal, aggressive, slant (37c), changeable (varient or progress) maybe a cheeky single blade also.

I do 3 passes but no against ie upwards it just seems to give the feel of irritation but no real skin change which I don't like.

So I got brave after a month in and jumped in with 2 feet got a r41. No slashes no hassle but it just feels harsh. I've tried blades angles and a maybe it's just not for me.

I don't wanna break the bank and I'm never gonna be having a huge selection of gear but I now love shaving.

I hopefully will be here for some time. I'd like to have one razor and 1 cream but is that even possible. ??

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