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Indian River Soap's Old Man & The Sea

I purchase a bar of the Old Man & The Sea after asking about which soap is best for shaving. In the store the scent was hard to figure out since there were so many other scents going on at the same time. When I took it home I used it to wash my hands the aroma came full force from the saop.

The sent reminds me of a classic Bay Rum scent but has a little more earth notes to it. The ingredients list says it has French green clay in it, probably the earth notes I smell. It also has chamomile tea in it, but I cannot find the tea scent in the overall aroma.

I whipped out my shave brush and DE to try my first shave with this soap. With a damp soap bar and a wet brush the lather immediately started piling up. Apply it to my beard brought the wonderful aroma out. The DE glided across my bread without any problems. The brush had plenty of lather left in it for two more passes. Afterwords I applied some NB after shave. This is a great soap for shaving.

I tried this soap in the shower as well and it lathered up just as good and left me with a nice Bay Rum scent.

The packaging is a simple band around the soap, no wasted paper or plastic.

Overall an excellent shave soap and shower soap. My only problems is now I well need to purchase more bars in a few weeks.

Here is a link to Indian River Soaps:


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