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Indian Open Comb Razors

Review of 3 open comb Razors from India

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I Was able to acquire 3 Open Comb Razors which are Made in India. The Parker 26C, Pearl SSH 02B OC and the Romer - 7 Ricardo.

Being a wet shaving enthusiast, I searched a lot of online sites and other resources to get good razors in India. The razors which are available through some global shipping platforms are far expensive as they need to be imported and it includes import fees, shipping and Custom duties. There are other options available from Aliexpress like the QShave, Baili etc.

Ok, I will express my views on the mentioned 3 razors for this thread and all fellow members are welcome to add comments, replies, experiences and suggestions. Here it goes :

1 : Parker 26 C : Heavy Duty , Blade alignment is perfect on both sides, long solid handle, needs a steeper angle for a smooth shave, a less steeper angle will shave but will be a bit scrapier -
this link will help you know more where Mr. Michael Freedberg has illustrated in detail. I have tried it and it works. Parker razors are good but not readily available in Indian retail market. Thanks to Mr. Deepak Grover from Parker Razors from whom I was able to personally contact and get this razor when it was not available in Indian Retail Market. We all know the good reputation of Parker Razors.

2. Pearl SSH 02B OC : Heavy, Blade alignment is perfect, short handle, nice razor. A steeper angle is better for this razor too. Mr. Deepak Sabhaya is leading PearlShaving and Pearl Razors are now available on Pearlshaving.in, Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.
PearlShaving is gaining reputation in the wet shaving world and is admired by many.

3. Romer -7 Ricardo Razor : Light weight, but metal, blade alignment seems to be a bit off but not noticeable on the first glance, when you look very close then you are able to make the difference. The shave with this razor is also nice. Having tried many razors you know about the nitigrities of the razor in the first few strokes and then you adjust it to get a good shave. In this case too, a steeper angle is helpful for a smoother shave. This razor was recently available on Amazon.in from where I got. This was the most inexpensive among the three. But the QC, Finishing and weight are in proportion to the price.

All three razors are definitely aggressive, needless to say because they are open comb. I personally feel(IMHO) that using a preshave oil helps to reduce the aggressiveness-feel of open comb razors.

Note : The above review is completely IMHO and I understand and respect the fact that other wet shavers may have varied opinions about the same. As we know there are various factors which play their part - Skin Type, Prep, Beard Growth,preference etc.

At the end we all wet shaving enthusiasts want to have a smooth, irritation free and enjoyable shave.

To all Respectful Members,
Keep up the good shaves !

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