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Incredible shower Head!!!

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Get your minds out of the gutter guys, this is about a shower head. I use this in my shower and have absolutely loved it.

We moved into a house with two bathrooms, since our two girls and wife were soon to be teenagers, our previous house with one bathroom would not do. On Sunday when all of us are taking showers at the same time, there's not enough water pressure, and we would run out of hot water before everyone was finished.

So I installed "The Incredible Head". It give a hard spray, but not a lot of water. It is not for everyone, and most people either love it or hate it. I love it, the ladies in my house like it too. In addition to saving hot water, saving money on your showers, allowing you to stay in the shower longer for the same money, it has this neato feature called a Navy shower in the more advanced model (both shower heads are under $5 at Lowe's or Home Depot). This is a button in the shower head that you can use to shut off the flow of water while you are shaving, and afterward when you turn the water to cold for the final shin bracer, you can reach up with your hand and shut off the water, so the cold water doesn't get all over your body. Then you can turn off the water at the faucet and open the switch on the head to allow it to drain.

I think this is ideal gizmo for people who shave in the shower.

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Have had one for years. Always find another each time i have moved
My father had these at his house and I used to have them in my apartment.

I recently wanted to use these in my house. Walmart no longer sells them. Home depot doesn't either. It looks like someone bought them at lowes.

They are inexpensive, good quality and even though it is restricted in volume of water, it comes out pretty hard.

Great product and I will hopefully be able to find them locally.
After seeing this showehead at lowes, and checking out the reviews here, I decided to buy the $5 model.

I don't know if the one I had was defective or bad by design. The basic unit I had made me feel like I was being sneezed on rather than showered. I returned the showerhead and decided to try their "deluxe" model for $11.

The deluxe model features an adjustable lever which lets you adjust the spray from full blast to a faint mist. In full blast mode, the showerhead provides great pressure and good coverage. with the lever turned down the misting is nice to keep you warm in the shower while shaving but at the same time conserving warm water. Flow can also be shut off entirely (more or less).

This deluxe unit in full blast mode provides a very satisfying shower even under low pressure situations. Being adjustable it is great for shaving. This unit is also all metal, so I'm sure the durability will be superb.

At the same time I bought this, I also bought a speakman showerhead. Never actually installed the speakman unit because the Peerless "incredible head" was so good.
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