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Honeybee Sue Shower Gel: Lemon Verbena

If you like shower gel, you must try Honeybee Sue's! I just treated myself to the Lemon Verbena and it was well worth the purchase.

Scent: A true lemon with verbena undertone that will get your morning going for sure. "Wake up and smell the lemons!" The scent lingers a bit post rinse, but not so much as to interfere with your cologne.

Price: About what you'd pay at your local drug store for the cheap shower gel that won't last you half as long or smell half as good. So, good pricing here.

Quality: Excellent. Nothing cheap or skimpy here. Lotsa lather generated and it washes clean very easily. No residue (other than scent) left on you.

Usefulness: Who can't use shower gel?

Durability: A very small amount on a shower pouf generates tons of lather. I just got this bottle, but it seems like it will last a good long time. You definitely need less than the drugstore brand to get the same amount of lather. (Lather hounds, this is one to buy.)

Packaging: A sturdy, clear 8oz. bottle with flip up spout. I deducted a few points for the label which is nicely, tho simply designed. But, since the label is a press on label and apparently printed on an ink jet printer, water resistance is a problem. But, that's the only real minus that I can come up with.
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