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Hickory Tree Studios Scuttle

Lovely Scuttle and I also love the use of cork...I should get a cork plug for my Scuttle :thumbup1:

Christopher badger:
nice looking scuttle:thumbup:
When I decided to buy a scuttle, I also decided to see if I might save a little money over some of the common offerings and support the central Indiana arts community. Although my research didn’t turn up anyone who regularly made scuttles, I did get two independent recommendations that Walt Schmidt (co-owner with his wife Betty Westhues of Hickory Tree Studios outside of Bloomington, IN) might be interested and more than able to make one. I was able to meet Walt at this fall’s Penrod Arts fair in Indianapolis, proposed the project, and Walt accepted. See the result below:


This is strictly a brush scuttle, and a small one at that. Here are the specs:

OD: 3 5/8"
Cup ID: 2 5/16"
Cup Depth: 2 1/4"
Height: 3 11/16"
Longest Dimension: 5 1/2" (handle to spout)
Reservoir Capacity: 6 oz.

The main drivers for the small size are: a) I face lather, and b) the only place to set my shaving gear in the shave den is the rim of the sink or the top of the toilet tank.


Despite the small capacity, it has decent heat retention (temp testing was done using the cork):

Starting Temperature: 165 degrees
5 min 152 degrees
10 min 143 degrees
15 min 135 degrees
20 min 128 degrees
25 min 122 degrees

My rating scores reflect that this piece does what it is supposed to do. I gave a 9 on price because it's less expensive than most, and a 7 for durability because it's ceramic and I just need to exercise due care when using it. Bottom line for me: It’s easy to handle, fits in the space available, feeds me warm lather through three passes and change, and looks good doing it. Price? $30 plus shipping and tax.

If you think you’d like to try something a little different in a scuttle get in touch with Walt through http://www.hickorytreestudio.com/. He was great to work with and delivered a great product.
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