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Guerlain: L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme

I love this fragrance in the feminine version on my wife but it does not work for me in the masculine version.
Guerlain's L'Instant Pour Homme is an amazing fragrance. Nothing smells quite like it, although there are other scents who share some of its qualities.

On my skin it projects very nicely without being an affront to others around, yet is also very intimate and close to my skin.

I would say if you are one of those "I only wear one fragrance" guys, you should choose this over all the others and leave the Acqua di Geo far, far behind.

One of the all-time best mens' fragrances and should be a must in every man's repertoire.
L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme showed up a lot with some high praise from some reviewers I trust.

As a lover of sort of "in your face" scents, I try to branch out every so often and try something more on the refined side. This is certainly in that category. Maybe too refined for my dumb azz.

It opens with some citrus, anise and jasmine up top. It shifts into a very nice sandalwood and patchouli, but I must stress it's very light. There are a ton of heart notes: tea, cocoa, lavender and cedar as well. The base is hibiscus seeds (***) and musk.

Sorry, but reading the notes is pretty meaningless. I'm not one to sit here and say my nose can pick out all those notes...to me it kind of goes citrus/anise into sandalwood, then a bit of musk, tea and cocoa at the base. As I sit letting it dry down, I must admit though when I focus, I can pick out a lot of the notes. But nothing dominates.

It is very "Guerlain" which is to say very well designed and blended, but not much for projecting. It stays very close to my skin.

It couldn't be a safer or more pleasant scent. My guess is a woman with a good nose would really love this on a man (IF she gets close enough). Very well blended. From the reviews, I was hoping the cocoa note would be a bit more prominent. It's there, but very subdued.

Another frag that I hope will excel in the Los Angeles heat this summer. I like it, but wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's fussy about projection and sillage to put this high on the list.

If you're into romantic and subtle, this could be a dream come true. It's manly enough, but in a "sensitive guy" kind of way.

I got lazy and went for the easier to find EdT. The EdP is supposed to be a bit stronger and the cocoa bean note a bit more pronounced. I think EdP is usually the way to go with Guerlains if you can find them.
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