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Grooming Dept. Patchouli & Lime Shaving Soaps

Shaving Soap Review of Patchouli and Lime.

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I used the Patchouli Wednesday evening and then the Lime last night. The soap is soft and reminds me a lot of Mystic Water. The lather is a challenge but once dialed in, you will find this soap checks all the boxes, i.e., slickness, shave, and post shave. The first time using the soap, I didn't load enough; make sure you "load it like you hate it". The second night, I had my brush soaking and maybe wrung out just a tiny bit before putting a very damp brush into the tub to load.
I'd say, load with a very damp brush for a minute or more. Apply the loaded brush and then use copious amounts of water during the face or bowl lather. Mohammad (the artisan) says you should have a very thick and shiny yogurt like consistency. I was able to achieve a great lather on the second night (last night) when using the Lime however, I felt that I could have loaded a bit more...something to think about for next time.

I found the soap to be extremely slick when lathered correctly. The scent is not very strong out of the tub, maybe a 3.5 to 4 in strength (out of 10). You will also smell the soap base's natural scent, which can be a bit strong. The best way to measure the quality of the scent is to leave the cap off for a few minutes and then take a whiff. The Lime is my favorite thus far as the scent is so authentic, like a fresh cut lime. The scent will open up a lot more during the lather phase; the strength goes up to a 5 to 5.5.

Last night; I used a Blackland Black Bird machined razor, a fresh Permasharp blade, my 28 mm Paladin PK-47 Ivory brush, and the Grooming Dept. Lime soap and was able to achieve a BBS with a 3-pass shave and minuscule cleanup pass. I had a great shave last night. Mohammad recommends after shaving, just like PannaCrema and their Nuavia soaps, to remove the remaining soap and apply it to your face like a mask. Let it sit for a minute while you conduct cleanup and then rinse off. I do this after every shave but you can easily feel how hydrating the soap is. I did not use a toner or aftershave last night and about two hours after shaving, my skin felt like I had not scraped the crap out of it. The post shave from these soaps are second to none, I believe that is where the soap shines. Get the lather and consistency / load correct and you will have a guaranteed, great shave.

Mohammad has also tweaked his vegan formula to allow a much better lather; the new formula will be showcased in the next release. He has a presence on the Damn Fine Shave forum and discloses many things there if you're interested in learning more. He is also active on Facebook and Instagram; look for Grooming_dept.

I haven't read of anyone not liking the performance; the scents could be a bit stronger because the base can overpower it but I believe Mohammad is addressing that with stronger scents in his next batches.

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