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Great tallow from the land of Macedonia!

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Price: If I remember right, I think these cost about a buck each over in Macedonia. I got a few of them in a package sent to me by Northpaw in a trade arrangement, and I've yet to see them for sale anywhere online. If you happen to be in Macedonia, then the price is absolutely excellent!

Quality: On par with a lot of the high end Tallow soaps. I'm not sure I like it quite as well as Tabac, but it's not far off. Definitely in the same class as the Erasmic and Palmolive sticks, and probably even Yardley and Old Spice.

Scent: The cubes I received are all sort of an Almond scent. I'm not really a fan of Almond, but it's not offensive, and it doesn't linger. It would be nice if they would come out with other scents (Sandalwood maybe?), but the soap is good enough that I don't really care about the scent too much.

Lather: Slick and Dense. Took a little bit of time and work to get it right though, I think it may be a little picky about how much water it wants. I have a habit of not paying attention to how much water I use, so I had some difficulty a time or two. Once I got it figured out it was great though.

Efficacy: It works great. It lathers well, once you get the technique figured out, and it's a nice hard soap that lasts a long time. Another thing I really like is because of it's shape and size, it can also be used as a stick.

Moisturizing: I've always been a poor judge in this category. It seems impossible to dry my skin out. This soap seems to me to not be incredibly moisturizing, but not drying either. Seeing as how it's a shaving soap and not a moisturizer, this isn't a problem for me.

As I said above, I acquired this in a large package from Macedonia. There were at least a dozen tubes of other exotic shaving creams in the package as well. I'll try and get reviews for some of those in case anyone else is interested in the unusual and exotic type stuff like I am.

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I believe Palmira is produced by Albus in Novi Sad, Serbia. I buy it in Macedonia, and I've also heard of it being sold in Croatia. It can probably be found here and there throughout the Balkans.

Like Eric said, it has a mild, inoffensive almond scent. The lather is very slick and very dense - my favorite kind. My face does get dried out easily, but tallow-based soaps help a lot in that department. For a while, Palmira was the only tallow-based soap I'd tried, but now I've been able to compare it to the Arko shave sticks and Tabac (thanks, Eric!). Between them, once they have been milled into containers, I can't call a clear winner in the quality of the lather. All three are great. It's safe to say that Palmira definitely has the least fragrance of the lot.

As for availability, I couldn't find a source on the internet, either. I've only found it for sale in one location here in Skopje. I did a PIF with a few cubes and shipped a few more around later, but shipping from here is fairly expensive. I've spoken with a vendor in the US about getting a large number to him for distribution at some point, so if I can ever accumulate enough, that may happen. Or I guess I could fill a suitcase on my next trip back home. :biggrin:
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Where would one go about getting this stateside? I'd like to try it myself.
Palmira? Is it made by company named Albus? If so, that soap may not have been made in Macedonia.

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