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Gold Dollar 200 Stailess Steel 7/8

Just going by the grammar and sentence structure alone, the above "review" is nothing more than a propaganda push and shill.

Gee, I guess those Solingen guys had it all wrong for hundreds of years.
Stainless better than carbon for a straight blade? What planet are you on?:lol:
The razor came via mysteryrazor.com. (Thank you, Jay!)

I have heard a lot about great shaving qualities and easy honing properties of the Golden Dollar blades. Well, the razor did not disappointed. Yes, it needed to be honed, but 30 laps on Chinese 12K was all it took to get the balde to the shave-ready condition.

The blade itself is heavy, as any 7/8 should be, and the shaving is smooth. I managed to get to BBS with just WTG and XTG passes. The scales are cheap, plastic red wood imitation, which does not bother me. Pins are tight. The blade/scales alignment is good.

I have not had any prior experience with stainless steel 7/8 razors, but it definitely beats down carbon-based Solingen blades I have or tried. To be objective, I would not take it over TI's Le Grelot 6/8, which is my favorite so far. But people in Solingen should be anxious: Chinese have definitely figured out how to make decent blades at a fraction of the German price.
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