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Glyce Lime Oil Soap

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Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap, a rustic, hand-made from Portugal, is especially for cleaning the skin before shaving. Tart and moist, it contains coconut oil, lime oil and castor oil to soften whishers before shaving. It also contains a trace of alcohol to remove dirt or oil which can prevent the razor from gliding smoothly across the skin. A must try for men, along with the rest of the Musgo Real line.

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Pros: Scent, Effectiveness, Price
Cons: None for me - controversial product though
This is a controversial product - a lot of people say it doesn't work for them.

My initial reaction to the product was that it did work, but the effect was marginal and nothing that couldn't be achieved with a good pre-shave oil.

Having used it now for a couple weeks, I do find that I'm getting a lot better shaves (I go for BBS every time) so I do recommend it.

I usually have a shower, then wash my face at the sink with this soap and hot water (lathering up and rubbing the whiskers to soften). Then I wash off the soap and apply a homemade pre-shave oil.

I have used this product without preshave oil and I found that it left my skin dry (could be the alcohol). It did the job, but left me with a few weepers - I needed the extra lubrication of oil when using this soap.

I think that if you do proper prep, you can get away without using this stuff and your experience may be that it adds nothing to the process. For my face, it seems to work.

I'll keep using this product - at $5 (plus postage) it is very cheap and will last a LONG time. The extra few minutes of applying the soap is probably worth it to avoid the odd weeper or nicks. And I get a BBS face at the end every time.
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