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Gillette Sensor 3-blade disposable

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On a business trip, realized I had forgotten my razor, bought a Gillette Sensor 3-blade disposable. cheap, and you can throw it away at the end of the trip.
First part of the shave went just fine: lathered up with Proraso. Picked up the razor and started to shave, using B&B method of successive passes. Not quite as sharp as my Feather blade in a Merkur HD. I could hear the hairs being cut, and there was a bit more resistance than I would encounter from any of my DE's.
But here's the thing: after the usual number of passes, my face was smooth. And now the shocker: Proraso a/s splash. Nice bracing feeling, absolutely no sting or burn.
Throughout the day, no irritation whatsoever, and regrowth has been somewhat slower than with my DE.
Conclusion: this is one heck of a razor. It does a fine job. We can argue against it because of the cost, the environment, what have you. But the shave is absolutely top notch.

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Actually, my blade of choice before switching to DEs. Still have it in the shower for "in a hurry" shaving (since I'm still new and haven't perfected my DE technique) and for travel (same reason). Best of the modern disposables, in my opinion.
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Ive been using these for a few years, as far as disposables go i like it and it doesnt break the bank.
I agree, and if I remember right the cartridge does come off. I love the Sensor 3 cartridges and have used them on my HeadBlade as well, definitely a top notch shave like you said.

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