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Gillette rocket hd

As a huge fan of vintage gillettes I have pretty much tried all the super speed variants ouy there. I think they are all very effective shaving tools.

The Rocket HD is in a class of its own. For me the blade angle and head geometry are perfect.

It has a heavier thicker handle than other superspeeds and has a feel of quality about it.

I have rated the price as a 9 as here in the UK where they are not so rare and one can be easily found at reasonable price. They seem to be more expensive in the U.S.

I have read that the plating on UK rockets is far superior to that of the US ones. In my personal experience I haven't found that to be true.

In sumary if you love any of the super speeds or indeed the fat boy you are likely to love this.

My only petty moan is that the knurling is far better on the flair tip superspeeds and thus provides a better grip.

If I could only own one razor(I wouldn't want to live in such a world!)it would be a tough choice between this and my aristocrat #16
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