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I wanted to post some comments but noticed that the only one that was reviewed was the battery powered version. I normally use a DE but wanted something for those rare circumstances when I don't have time for a proper shave and need a fast shave (oversleep, etc). Coming from a DE background it's hard to evaluate a product like this one, so let's see.

Price: about 9.99 for the razor and 2 blades, so not bad. However, the cartridges are ridiculously expensive, probably the most expensive to date. The blades are poor and don't hold an edge for long so you might need to replace the cartridge twice a week which makes the price even more absurd.

Quality: Well, it's a cool looking razor and, in terms of quality, it is no different from any other cartridge one. However, the quality of the actual blades is marginal. Gillette advertises that you can get 1 week worth of shaves with 1 cartridge but this is not true. I mean, you can, if you want to shave with dull blades. If you want a somewhat comfortable shave you need to replace the cartridges more often (about twice a week) which is ridiculous considering the price.

User friendly: I guess I'll give it a 10. I mean, anybody can use it. No different from any other cartridge razor so you pretty much know what you need to do with it.

Grip: I'll give it a 10. Comfortable to hold and doesn't slip.

Ease of blade replacement: Another 10. Push a button and the old blade pops right out, snap a new blade in there and you are all set. Takes about 2 seconds.

Aggressiveness: It has 5 blades, what else can I tell you? The cartridge has a big rubber strip at the bottom that pulls your skin to lift the hairs for a closer shave. While in theory this is true, in practice this is something you should avoid since it's one of the main causes of ingrown hairs.

Balance: Like every cartridge razor it's lighter than it should be, encouraging the user to apply pressure.

I bought this razor for a quick shave when in a rush, I thought that it would somehow perform better than a disposable bic but it does not. In hindsight, I guess I was dumb to expect a 5 blade razor to be comfortable, 5 blades!!!

It is an over engineered and over priced piece of junk. If you like cartridge razors you can do much better than this. If you like DE razors and only need something to use when in a pinch then get a disposable bic.

By the way, the so called "precision trimmer" is useless.

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Pros: Great for shaving your head
Cons: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
This razor is the car equivalent to an automatic transmission. Expensive, less efficient, but too easy to screw up.I've only cut myself with this razor when I over used it until it was too dull and I shouldn't have been using it anyway... You don't need mirrors to use this product.It has it's place, but honestly - there's little manliness about this tool.
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Glad I never tried it....never will. The only "cartridge" razor that I had any experience with was the Trac II and the Gillette Atra. The Gillette Atra Handles were for Free, since Gillette wanted you to buy the blade. The price of the replacement cartridges was reasonable, in the beginning, until they came out with the 3 and 4 blade monstrosities. I would have to say that the Atra, with the pivoting head and metal handle, did give some smooth shaves. If you were in the market for something for a quick shave, you might want to look for a vintage Atra with the metal handle. Personna still makes the replacement cartridges for the Atra and from what I remember they were better than the one's sold by Gillette. I guess Gillette wanted you to "upgrade" to the 3 and 4 blade razors and let quality control slip on the Atra. Cheers.
Meh, seen better. I mean, it gave a great shave for about 2 shaves per cartridge. I got mine for free and about had a heart attack when I priced cartridges. That's what pushed me over the edge and convinced me to start DE shaving.
Hard to do the ATG pass on yer upper lip with this one, without cutting yer lip, due to the 5 blades.:mad3:

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