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Gentlemen's Best After Shave Splash

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Excellent product great for sensitive skin as well

Price: $15
Great price for a quality product

Quality: It contains quality ingredients. It definitely doesn't seem like they skimped on anything.

Fights Razor Burn: Oh yah!

Cooling Sensation: Not in the menthol way It doesn't feel hot like a splash with a very slight cooling.

Scent: The classic Gentlemens Best Scent. Citrusy with hints of Sandlewood. Has a hint of powder as well. Overall a very pleasant smell.

Efficacy: Noticeable reduction on areas that are irritated and makes the skin feel like silk.

No Alcohol Burn:None at all

Overall is a superb compliment to the GB shaving soap... My personal favorite (as well as the SWMBO's)

I have received many a compliment from the fairer sex on the scent.

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At the gentlemans best web page from ray fournier aka: thirdeye
Where do you buy this stuff?
Since you mentioned the quality ingredients, would you mind telling us what they are?

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