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Futur Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, Brushed Chrome

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The Merkur Futur Silvertip brush is unusual for a number of reasons. To begin with, its design mirrors that of a specific razor, the Merkur Futur. For those unaware, Merkur also produces a very similar brush for their Vision razor. The handle is slightly more robust. I don’t know if the knot is larger or the same size. Another unusual feature of this brush is its handle: it’s made of metal and is quite long and narrow.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the brush is an ideal companion to either the Futur or Vision. With the matching stand (which holds either razor equally well) the brush and razor make a striking set any gentleman would be proud to have atop his counter.

From a functional perspective, the only way to describe this brush is “lather machine.” It’s a soft brush: if the term “floppy” strikes fear in your heart, this is not the brush for you. I prefer the terms “soft” and “flexible.” It’s a brush for creams and it is best used to paint your face with shaving cream, not for generating lather on the face. This is both a personal recommendation and the manufacturer’s direction. My brush bloomed beautifully after its first use and has retained it’s fullness. I’ve never noticed a lost hair.

Plop a dollop of cream in a scuttle and swirl with a few whisking motions and this brush generates seemingly impossible quantities of light, fluffy cream—with remarkably little effort. Of my six brushes, both silvertip and best quality badger hair, this brush stands out as the zenith of lather production. It performs flawlessly every time, never disappointing or operating at less than full capacity.

Not a brush for firm fanatics or face latherers, the Merkur Futur Silvertip brush is for those who appreciate luxury and rich, creamy lather. The long, narrow, ergonomic handle is icing on the cake.

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