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Fresh scent Hotel complimentary shave cream (BEWARE!)

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My wife and are celebrating our anniversary this weekend with a short weekend excursion. In the course of events, I noticed the little sign in our hotel room, stating that complimentary toiletries were available at the front desk. Among those listed, was shaving cream.
Being the curious sort, I asked for a sample, and was obliged... I wish I wasn't.

It came in a ketchup type package, which actually seems like a good idea for traveling. I would gladly use proraso or it's like from a similar container.

I opened it up, and out came a pearly white, cream... it smelled a bit like citrus, but there was a stronger, familiar, slightly unpleasant odor as well. I couldn't place it.

Remembering that I have often disliked a products scent upon first impression, only to became fond of it later. I decided to give it a second chance. I squeezed some into a bowl and grabbed my brush, then hesitated, not knowing if the stuff was water based. It turns out that was a good decision.

I scooped some up on my fingers, where if felt ok, so I applied some to my face. When I went back for some water, I quickly found out that the stuff doesn't just rinse off. By now my face was beginning to burn... A LOT!

It's about that time I realized what it reminded me of... my wife's Nair cream. I quickly set about scrubbing it off, but even with soap and a washcloth it took a while. After a brief search on the web, it is definately not a nair type product. I'ts merely the worst stuff I have ever had the misfortune to put on my face.

I ought to donate a case of this stuff to wherever our military is interrogating terrorists these days. After a week of this stuff they'd sell out their own mothers.

My face is red, and splotchy, and even with a generous application of Mitchel's woolfat soap, my shave was definatly substandard. Even my Aqua Velva burned till my eyes watered.

It may have been an allergic reaction on my part, but this stuff tore me up. My only consolation is, that it was free... even so I think I want my money back.

PRICE = 1 Hey it was free.

Quality = 0 Unless you are a masochist then I'd bet it would get high marks.

Scent = 0 Eau de Nair

Latherability =0 the stuff isn't even water soluble. It's like trying to lather up petroleum jelly.

Efficacy =0 Unless of course you are interrogating a prisoner. Of course our country has vowed not to use torture, so I guess even this isn't a use for it.
Maybe useful as a college prank...

Moisturizing = 0 It's not water soluble. It's about as moisturizing as gasoline.

Packaging. = 10 The packaging, while unattractive, is efficient, and indeed a good idea. Too bad the contents, are so lousy.

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Delta Airlines gives this stuff out both in amenity kits when your luggage is lost and in their lounges (the few that have showers) along with a super-cheap 2-blade disposable. Once when flying home from India through JFK I stopped in the Sky Club (then Crown Room and/or Business Elite lounge) for a shower and made the mistake of shaving with the combo (back pre DE/wet-shaving). It was one of the worst shaves in my life... probably second only to my last barber shop shave.
Freshscent products are made to be distributed in Jails, prisons, and other institutions. Personally, I'd be a bit insulted if any hotel was trying to pass them off to paying customers. The shaving cream is bad, but the Roll-on deodorant(which is, ironically, being sold at razor and brush) is absolutely horrible! These might make good gag gifts or something, but other than that they're absolutely worthless.

If, for some strange reason, someone is interested in buying some of this crap: https://bobbarker.com/webguest/bGuestCat.asp?category=00000222 They also carry a lot of the Bob Barker "Maximum Security" Products (If you want an interesting read, research how Bob Barker became involved in selling institutional products)
Every time I stayed at a hotel or motel and they have Fresh Scent products, they are never good. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, tooth paste. None of it is anything decent. I would expect the shave cream to be poo also...

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