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Fresh Line 'Olympios Zeus' shaving soap

"Fresh Line": A Greek brand, supposedly producing 'fresh' or 'natural' cosmetics for men and women. A business success (at least in its early years) with a pretty wide franchise expansion in the Balkans (Europe). A company that quite marks up the prices of its products.

Having purchased and used a number of their products (soaps, mens face moisturizer, living room fragrance, after shave lotion, body lotion) I was not that happy overall both quality- but also price-wise. I believe these products are marked up intentionally without being something that special. For being objective, though, I have to say I do not have any data on whether these products are indeed 'natural'; their commercial success (at least in Greece and Balkans) though leaves me pretty uninterested and means nothing with regards to the quality or suitability of the product for me.

Let us now move to the Olympios Zeus shaving soap. This is part of the 'Olympios Zeus' mens line, the very basic characteristic of which is the myrrh oil ingredient, which is combined with sandalwood and lavender oil. An interesting attempt indeed.

The soap is offered in a nice black ceramic bowl that measures a diameter of 10 cm by a height of 6.5 cm. The content (soap) is in 'packaged truffle' form. Main ingredients are as follows: Myrrh oil, sandalwood oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, lecithin, grape seed oil.

For my particular taste I found this combination of ingredients very interesting in theory but rather disappointing in practice. In the beginning the scent appears fascinating, few weeks later it reveals a rather one-dimensional presence - and to me this is kind of disappointing. I had the after-shave lotion and still have the body lotion, the soap and the living room fragrance concentrate, and I am currently using all those rather infrequently.

In my personal and rather subjective opinion this is an interesting scent worth trying at least for the myrrh, but far away from a really masculine scent. A line that needs a lot of refinement. A shaving soap that additionally needs improvement in its lathering and moisturizing abilities. The price is high for what they offer, I do recommend though you try the bath soap for example in order to sample the scent.

Price: 3/10 - This brand is marketed as 'fresh' or 'natural', and hence their prices are marked up because of this.

Quality: 4/10 - An average soap, an average line in general. Needs refinement.

Scent: 5/10 - Pretty one-dimensional; ingredients with potential but the whole combo needs refinement.

Lather: 4/10 - Neither thick, rich or creamy by any standard. I use it in combination with shaving cream (Omega or C&E Nomad, depending on mood) and now will also try it with Mr. Taylors or St. James.

Efficacy: 4/10 - Average at best.

Moisturizing: 3/10 - Not very strong.

Overall: Not recommended - ingredients have potential but the whole thing appears one-dimensional and needs refinement.

Thank you for reading.
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