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Felce Aromatica

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This is the first shaving soap this manufacturer produced. This is a soft soap more like a cream in the Italian tradition. It has an excellent scent and gives good protection. The scent goes away as you use up the soap, but lathers well to the very end. It works well for face or bowl lathering. The only downside is price ($25.60) and it is sensitive to the amount of water used. With the right amount of water it produces an excellent result.

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Pros: Excellent lather, protection and scent.
Cons: Price and sensitivity to amount of water used.
This produces an excellent lather both on the face and in a bowl. I used the entire puck and the quality did not change except for the scent which slowly went away. I got good protection and a smooth shave using both Dorco ST300 and Personnna Blues in my Edwin Jagger DE89LBL. I was able to produce a good lather with both a Kingley badger and Omega 599 Silvertip brush. It doesn't last as long as C&E Sandelwood but it costs less than some of the more expensive English soaps so I think it is a good value.
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