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I got my Feather Travel DE on Tuesday just before I left to go to Philadelphia, with no internet access (so no reviews until now).

I have shave with this razor 3 times. In comparison to my Merkur Classic razor, it's only about 1/2 inch smaller in length but otherwise looks like my tech.

The shave? I shaved with a NEW Feather blade, not the one that came in the package but they look exactly the same. I got a great shave the first two times, then an excellent shave the last. I didn't use a lot of pressure on any of them, I just let the weight of the razor do the work for me. Since I was on the road in Philly, I shaved in the shower without a mirror. Today will be my FIRST with a mirror and with the use of heated water like I use 99 % of the time.

All in all it seems to be a great razor and great packaging in the plastic travel case. I think I might keep this razor at work in my locker due to it's "travel" name.

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This razor gives a very decent shave, I have the best luck with Feather or Gillette Yellow blades. For the price I don't know of another razor that's nearly as good. But I have other razors I prefer, so this one stays in my gym bag for the odd occasion when I have to shave at the gym.

Based on the review above I dug it out of the gym bag, screwed on another handle, and by George it really is much better with a heavier handle! Thanks for the tip Shamus!
I really like this little razor in my rotation. The blade gap is really great for a nice comfortable shave with a nice sharp blade. The modification that I made to this razor was to replace the handle. Instead of using the handle that came with the razor, I obtained a heavy, stainless steel, bulldog handle which fits nicely on the Feather razor head.

I find that the weight of the heavy handle coupled with the nice blade gap of this razor give me some of the best shaves when using a Feather, Gillette Yellow Russian, Gillette Black Indian, Iridium or Kai double edge blades. IMO...this is a fine made razor and a great deal that are still available although not manufactured anymore by Feather. I highly suggest this razor for travel or daily use and although my modification of the heavy handle is not necessary, I have found great success with this razor. Cheers.:thumbup:
I thought it would be nice to have a real Feather razor, so I asked for this one. It does a great job; it reminds me of my old style oc. It shaves about the same, also about the same results. As it cuts my beard easily it is probably aggressive (like my oc). So if you are looking for a nice, inexpensive but good razor, this might be it. Too bad these are out of production...
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