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Feather Professonal, Super Professional and Pro-Guard

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Overall, I'd say I'd rate all 3 blades the same, as they are all about equally sharp, quality is the same, etc.

Professional = Very sharp blades, but personally I am not as fond of the pro's as I am the super pro's, or the pro guards, as I tend to get the most irritation/nicks/weepers with the standard pro blades. I have a very thick/tough beard, and the pro's are just too flexible for me personally.

Super Pro = Scary sharp and VERY robust. My personal favorites, as they shave smooth as glass, yet are quite delicate against ones skin as well. These blades seem to last 3-4 weeks for me, so for the price they are really outstanding!

Pro Guard = Personally, I don't find these blades to be any safer/less nick prone than the super pro's, and they don't shave any better either, yet they are more expensive, so while I like them more than the pro's, I don't see the point in paying the extra $, even if you are just learning how to use the feather razor.

Packaging = I think the packaging and the dispensers (see below) for these blades are first rate. Simply squeeze the feather to open up the blade holder, put the blade injector into the guide hole, slide the "plunger" on the blade holder back, then forward, and a blade is pushed into the holder, without having to touch it. Pretty slick!

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Price: The price needs to come down to where I have read it has been before, I recall a thread where the blades were $5.99 for the pack of 20, like 2 or 3 years ago. Thats major inflation. With the price lower more barbers and wet shavers would pick up the use of the Feather system. My barbers enjoy when I bring the razor for them to shave me with. With the price lower more barbers could offer the service of a wetshave and still comply with regulation. I hope someone who has control over this is listening. Lower the price increase the number of customers (Supply and Demand) more dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

Quality: First rate as far as quality. I get more paper cuts on my face from these blades than anything else, even paper.

Sharpness: Ok, check this - THERE REALLY REALLY SHARP REALLY.

Longevity: They do go the distance of about 7 shaves, I usually just change the blade every Thrusday.

Smoothness of Shave: OK now here is the rub. The blades are different. They are not equal in smoothness. The Super Pro' blades with there more exposed blades chew me up. I use the same care in shaving and the angles in which they cut is just to steep, causing burn. The Professional blades are just right. From what I can tell, to me when it says coarse (for the super pro' baldes) that means alot of hair on your face not the strength of the hair. My recommendation, if you have to get lets say 60 blades (3 boxes) that will last you at least a year get 2 Professional blades and one Super. Success with the Feather is about the right blade choice. The Feather AC has an angle built in which is compounded by increases blade exposure which leads to less than perfect technique even when technique hasn't changed. The guarded Pro blades are the same as the Pro really, aside from the cage which just lifts the blade higher off your face. The blade exposure (from the Super Pro's) causes your hair to be cut at a different angle and further under the skin, which if your not prone to irritation doesn't cause a problem but for me it does. The Pro' blades are smoother and I still can get BBS or near it with the proper amount of passes - like three.

Packaging: A 1 very simply, very useful. Blade safe at the bottom of packaging.

Note: This razor is not for those who are not confident in there swipes. The Feather will bite you unless you use a nice almost feather brushing across your face stroke. It did me like that for a while, then it clicked - lighten up on the stroke, let the razor do the "heavy lifting" and just guide it. Best of luck.
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Smoothness of Shave
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Aren't these single blades ?
I agree with all your assessments with exception of Pro Guard.
I use this blade with Cobra classic razor and getting excellent shave

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