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Fatip 'il Grosso' Open Comb

Brass base, gold plated, open comb DE safety razor

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The latest addition to the Fatip range of safety razors has a full brass handle.
With a total length of 95 mm, a handle diameter of 13 mm, its dimensions are virtually equal to the regular Mühle R41 but with a weight of 88 gr it is 25 gr heavier than the Mühle, so far the heaviest Fatip. The Fatip Il Grosso's length sits right between the 'Grande' and the 'Wood'

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Top product at a most affordable price
Pros: Super efficient
Comfortable, well balanced
Simple but beautiful, elegant design
Cons: None to me...
I believe enough have been written about the efficiency and comfort–or lack thereof for some–of the Fatip open comb. This being my 5th Fatip open comb, shows how much I appreciate the brand's design! Enough has also been written about the finish of Fatips. Although my Il Grosso still has some minor machining marks on the bottom of the comb and the short sides of both comb and top cap, no ring is visible on the top cap where the screw is attached. The top cap and the handle are perfectly smooth. Coincidence or improved manufacturing process? I don't know...

The Il Grosso is all about the handle:

I was a little surprised that I couldn't really notice the 22 gr weight difference while holding the Grande (66 gr) in one hand and the Il Grosso (88 gr) in the other. While the Grande might feel a little top heavy (due to the hollow handle), the Il Grosso is perfectly balanced.
About the controversial decision to make the handle smooth with a total absence of knurling except for two indented rings on the bottom and one on the top of the handle, I can put your mind at ease: at no point during my very first shave did I have the feeling that the razor was going to slip, no alum block needed. Maybe I'm just a clean shaver who doesn't get any soap on his fingers during face lathering and shaving?
The Il Grosso (95 mm, total razor lenght) is just 9 mm longer than the Grande (86 mm). The diameter of the Il Grosso (13 mm) is an unnoticable 0.8 mm wider than the Grande (12.20 mm). Both handles feel very comfortable to me more so than the (88 mm-9.90mm) Picollo handle. But that is of course a personal preference!

I believe I have found the ultimate razor for my purpose!

(I gave 'Adjustability' a five star rating. I believe it is clear to everyone th Fatip is NOT an adjustable razor! To me adjustability doesn't add anything to a razor. I prefer to keep it simple!)
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3 months later… I’ve exclusively used the ‘Il Grosso’ for this period. I 100% stick with my review! On top of that: easiest handle to clean!

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