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Ever Ready 1912 Single Edge Razor

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Note: I can't believe this the first review for this razor. If I am mistaken, please let me know so this review can go in the appropriate place. Thanks.

Let me start by saying I used Ted Pella GEM blades in this razor. I had previously tried a GEM with cheap store blades. The blades make a huge difference. If you try an SE, and everyone should, make sure you get the Pella Blades.

I started shaving with this a week ago, and am still amazed at how closely it shaves. Let's start with the audible feedback. There is a deeo, satisfying, sound as the razor cuts down the stubble. It is very reminiscent of the sound the barber's straight edge makes as it was used to trim the sideburns. Normally, I can never go more than 24 hours without having to shave again. With this razor, I can stretch that to almost two days, and back before I discovered wet shaving, I would get 5 O'Clock Shadown well before Noon.

Price: Excellent. These razors are generally under $15 and are built tough! You really can't go wrong at this price point, and they're US made as well.

Quality: They knew how to build them, back then. The intricate handle design and the razor head are solidly built and strong. They have outlasted several generations, and will outlast several more.

User Friendliness: This isn't like Unix - it's user friendly, just picky about who it likes. This razor is for everyone. Just rememeber the Cardinal Rule - No Pressure and your will be fine.

Grip: Even with wet hands, there is no problem holding on to the razor or maneuvering it.

Blade Replacement: It really can't get much easier to load a blade than this. The top flips, and you pop the old blade out, and the new blade in.

Aggressiveness: If one define's aggressiveness as the ability to slice through whiskers in a minimum of passes, then this is very aggressive. Two passes for a minimum DFS, Three for Guaranteed BBS.

Adjustability: This is not an adjustable, though the idea of an adjustable GEM is interresting. Therefore it is N/A

Balance: This razor is so well balanced it could be on the high wire.

This is simply outstanding razor and brings home the point of how important marketing is to any venture's success.

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Price is very low through ebay or other internet sellers, and they can be found at antique and used item stores.
Quality can be excellent depending on razor age, condition, and care.
New user should not be fearful of this razor - it just requires patients, and a short learning curve.
Grip is excellent even when wet.
Blade replacement is too easy
Balance vs weight is perfect when shaving, but not necessarily when just holding the razor.
In my 70's just returned to wet shaving last year. I started way prior to multi-blade cartridge razors. I have three double edge razors, (gillette 1947, Schick krona, Edwin Jager De89) + one Gem single edge and one Ever-ready 1912. I also used a straight razor for a period of time in the late 50's to early 60's and the Ever-Ready give as close a shave without the weepers, and nicks I used to get from the straight, (but they did not have great shave creams back then).
One great razor. A GEM or Ever-Ready is one razor everyone should try.
Investment is minimal, you should get one for under $10 if you look hard enough.
I've never come across a broken pat 1912, they're pretty bulletproof and have aged very well.
Using one of these for the first time after months of DE usage was pretty intuitive. Neew users may get a nick or weeper, but the blade is so audible when it's working that it's easy to dial in your angle for a good shave. That audible feedback is great for minimising any irritation as well, when you don't hear the blade doing it's job, you know that section is DFS and you can not needlessly torture your skin in that area with an un-needed pass.

They have nice solid handles with plently of grip and it's the easiest razor in the world to change a blade on.

The patent 1912 GEM/Ever-Ready provides a good shave, the thickness of the blade and the angle that you shave with on these razors means minimal passes required for a good shave, little chance of tugging and pulling and a shave that's normally good for 12hrs or more.

The razor is rather light, most of the older GEM/Ever-Readys are, but I prefer that. The patent 1924 flip top and the micromatic which was released in 1929 have a hefteir feel though. The 1924 has a thinner head, so the weight is more to the handle, the micromatic has a longer and heavier handle.
But don't decide to try them just because you think heft and handle weight is really important to you before trying a patent 1912, the pat 1912 was the most successful (edit: GEM) razor in production for over 40 years for a good reason.
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Thanks for your review.

On my first razor scouting trip, I came out of a antique shop with four razors for $6.40: One Gillette DE, One Gem Micromatic, One Gem w/ an ivory-colored handle and the Ever-Ready model you've reviewed. I've not tried the Ever-Ready yet. I just bought the razors last Saturday. I hope to try the Ever-Ready by the weekend.

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