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Evening Rise

Item Description

A burley based blend of Latakia, Turkish & a little Virginia.

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Pros: Quality product
Cons: seemed dry in the tin
I was hoping for the product to better match the description of it's blended components. Upon opening the tin, I couldn't really detect hardly any latakia, and even the burley seemed to be missing. The scent really came across as more of a VaPer. Tin note wasn't much different than the C&D Bayou Morning, to my nose. It almost makes me wonder if the blend in the tin is actually Evening Rise.

It burned a bit harsh and hot, with the smoke itself seeming to be very acidic, again much like I have experienced with VaPer blends.

Much like Bayou Morning, this blend will most likely land in the cellar in a jar till some point where I feel like giving it another go.
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